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Come to our annual Disability Expo if you or a family member has or has had; a disability, autism, cognitive disability, deaf or hard of hearing, physical disability, down syndrome, multiple scerosis, genetic disease, cerebral palsy, deaf or hard of hearing, wheelchair user, amputees, quadraplegia, paraplegia etc.

This expo offers a wide range of things such as; attachables, wheel chair service, disability housing, wheel chair parts, respite care, respite services, disability services, accessible, ERS, emergency response systems, wheel chairs, wheel chair, disability funding, and wheel chair repair.

This expo will provide an opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge and to explore the latest and greatest products, services, technology and resources that include: Assistive and Adaptive Devices, Durable Medical Equipment, Computer Software, Instructional Materials, Mobility Products, Adaptive Learning Tools, Disability Law Resources, Recreation/Travel Resources, Adapted Bikes/Adapted Exercise Equipment, Personal Care Products, Communication Devices, Products for the Visually Impaired and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals, Local Agencies and Support Groups, Many Informative Workshops, Free Benefits Planning and Help Desk, Product Demonstrations, Strolling Entertainers/Raffles and Giveaways, Personal Care Attendants, Free Parking, FREE WHEELCHAIR RENTAL AND REPAIR!!

So be sure to come to our 2018 Expos for great events with helpful vendors with wide varieties of expertise.

World of Possibilities Disabilities, Healthy Aging and Independent Living Expos!


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Caring Communities, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization.