Expo Features: Rockville

    • Free Parking
    • Free Wheelchair Rentals and Emergency Repair Services
      Representatives from Stuart’s Medical and Sales will be available for emergency repairs and wheelchair rentals.
    • Exhibitors
      Many exhibitors from across Maryland and beyond will share their knowledge and expertise about their equipment/supplies. See exhibitor link http://expo.caringcommunities.org/exhibitors_rockville.php
    • Personal Care Services Available During The Day
      World of Possibilities will offer Assistance and a helping hand at the Expo to individuals who need it.

      ADOM, Inc (Home Helpers)

    • Artist Pavilion 
      Various Artists will be displaying their designs in main ballroom.
    • Book Signing- Living in a World of Possibilities
      Living in a World of Possibilities by Mona Freedman RN

      Living in a World of Possibilities is a nice companion to the World of Possibilities Disabilities Expo and a way to get wonderful, inspirational and motivational words out to assist individuals who are living with challenging issues.

    • Ms. Wheelchair Maryland
      Ms. Wheelchair MD – Nadia Ibrahim will be at the Expo to meet and greet you
    • Canine Partners for Life DEMONSTRATION 12:00 p.m.
      Canine Partners for Life (CPL) trains service/companion dogs to assist individuals with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities, including medical alert dogs.


    • New Horizons Performing in the Theater
      The Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts partners with Howard County Hospital to bring teens and adults together every Friday evening to enjoy improvisation, music and the joy that theatre can bring into an individual’s life. This adult troupe performs original works twice a year in an effort to share, not only their talent, but their love of musical theatre with their audiences.
    • Acoustic performance by Jesse Magee 12:15pm
      Jesse will play covers and originals. Jesse is a singer and song writer of his band Leftstronger.
    • Workshop-Ageless Grace 3pm
      Ageless Grace is a body and brain exercise program that works the core and activates the organs and systems of the body, all while seated in a chair. People of all ages and abilities (including children) can perform the movements, including those with weight and joint issues, diabetes and other challenges such as those in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations.
    • A Clown 4 U Puppet Show 1pm
      Puppet show in the theater to amuse children and adults alike.
    • Chick-fil-A Cow Mascot 
      The Chick-fil-A Cow Mascot will be visiting between 12-1:30pm. Please come say hi.