Expo Features: Nation's Capital Region

Nation’s Capital Region

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
College Park, MD
April 13, 2024

Free Wheelchair Rentals and Emergency Repair Services
Representatives from Stuart’s Medical and Sales (www.stuartsmedical.com) will be available for emergency repairs and wheelchair rentals

Many exhibitors (See https://expo.caringcommunities.org/resource-directory-category/nations-capital-2024) from across Maryland and beyond will share their knowledge and expertise about their equipment/supplies, assistive technology, and adaptive devices.

Disabilities Champions
Please visit the Disabilities Champions Pavilion to visit with individuals who have gone above and beyond to help the disabilities community. Meet Monica Wiley, MISS MARYLAND USA SLICC (Success through Leadership, Character, Confidence) Ambassador 2023, Commission for Individuals With Disabilities and other Disabilities Champions between 11am-3pm.

Personal Care Services Available During The Day
Sponsor announced soon. World of Possibilities Expo offers assistance and a helping hand at the Expo to individuals who need it.

Sign Language Interpreting Services Available
ASL TERPS (www.aslterps.com) will be on hand to assist deaf or hard of hearing individuals

Local Celebrities
Captain Dee-Fense, #1 Super Ravens Fan will stroll around the Expo and be on hand to take pictures with the attendees through out the event!

Health Screenings
Precision Wellness (www.precisionwellbeing.net) will offer onsite health screenings: blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, nutrition and fall risk assessments.

Stage Performances, Demos and Presentations 
11:30a  PERFORMANCE: David Godoy: Listen to the sounds of David’s Saxophone
11:45a PERFORMANCE: The Music Workshop for Special Needs Adults: David Kiasi, Leader
12:30p PRESENTATION: Low-Tech Adaptations: I Bet You’ve Never Thought of This One! Leah Blackwell 

1:00p DEMO: Reinventing the Invention Process: Adrianne Mascho, FEELDOM Designer. Join FEELDOM’s product designer and discover the unique   and creative ways this company has reinvented accessible backpacks. Includes product demonstrations of prototypes in wheelchair bags and the all-new City Block — a backpack for the blind and low-vision! 
1:25p PRESENTATION: Business Development and Entrepreneurship for Everyone: Karen Shannon of America’s Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) MPALM, Caroline Bolas-National Disability Institute (NDI)  and Andrea Freedman-Puppy Luv Dog Boutique
2:00p PRESENTATION: “Disabled? Me? Never!”, mini session on Disability Insurance by Adrienne Robinson-Mass Mutual
2:30p PERFORMANCE: R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T Dance Troop
3:00p PERFORMANCE: “Brianna Roseboro loves the performing arts, especially singing and dancing.  She enjoys telling a story using music and movement.  She is committed to improving her skills, memory, and performance experience so she can share this passion with her community.  The dance she will be doing today is a liturgical performance expressing her desire to be used to her fullest.  She will be accompanied by her DSP and mentor Danika Jerman.”
3:10p4:00 DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!!
 Disco Party after the Expo, stay and have more FUN with DJ Randy of Events-4U (cmydjs@gmail.com) to dance with old friends…and make new friends!

FUN for all Ages
Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and Photo Booth Favors and Special Surprises! 

Free STAYnEAT Plate
Perfect for all ages and abilities, these, slip, tip & flip- resistant self feeding plates help minimize mealtime stresses. The reversible two-in-one patented design goes from partitioned to non partitioned with just a flip. Side A is divided with a spill guard and suction. Side B is non-skid and sloped with a side scoop wall. Simply press the center to make it stay, lift its edge to take it away. With no suction tab to grab or lip to flip, STAYnEAT plates stay firmly in place. A must have for picky eaters and individuals with special needs such as Autism, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, etc. These perfected all in one solution plates are a favorite feeding tool for all Occupational & Speech Therapists.

Free Parking

Program Booklet from the World Of Possibilities Expo, April 22, 2023, in Prince George’s County, MD


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Alexandria dentists Dr. Zeyad Mady and Dr. James Geren and their team at Center for Dental Anesthesia provide exceptional dentistry using IV sedation and general anesthesia for people for whom conscious sedation doesn’t work or additional considerations are required. These may include anxious or phobic patients, children uncooperative to get treatment, and adults with disabilities or health conditions.

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