Expo Features: Gaithersburg, MD

Expo Features: Gaithersburg, Maryland- April 13, 2019

    • Free Parking
    • Free Wheelchair Rentals and Emergency Repair Services
      Representatives from Stuart’s Medical and Sales will be available for emergency repairs and wheelchair rentals
    • Personal Care Services Available During The Day
      World of Possibilities will offer Assistance by Misty’s Senior Services LLC (mistysseniorservices.com) and a helping hand at the Expo to individuals who need it.
    • Artists and Entrepreneurs
      Various Artists and entrepreneurs will be displaying their designs in main ballroom.
    • Book Signing- Living in a World of Possibilities
      Living in a World of Possibilities by Mona Freedman RN. Living in a World of Possibilities is a nice companion to the World of Possibilities Disabilities Expo and a way to get wonderful, inspirational and motivational words out to assist individuals who are living with challenging issues.
    • Ms. Wheelchair Maryland and Ms. Wheelchair DC
      Ms. Wheelchair MD, Wanda Hawkins-Barber and Ms Wheelchair DC, Dara Bainford – will be at the Expo to meet and greet you!
    • Fidos for Freedom
      Fidos for Freedom will bring several service/companion dogs who offer a wide range of services to people with physical and cognitive disabilities.
    • Theater Performances arranged by Creative Chance 
      11:45a  DJ Nate
      12:30p  Music Workshop for Special Needs Adults
      1:15p    R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T
      2:00p.  David Godoy
  • Workshops
    12:15p  Fidos for Freedom demo 
    1:00p     “Talk to Me” is an attempt by Leah Blackwell to explain why other people with disabilities often ignore her and others when they try to talk with them. She will  explore a few possible reasons for this behavior.

Bio: Leah Blackwell graduated from George Mason University in 2011 with a Master’s Degree in English, concentration in Literature. Since then, she has been volunteering with the local VFD Auxiliary, helping with Friday night Bingo. She types posts for their Facebook page, emails players, help advertise Super Bingo, and maintains & updates the mailing list. In 2015, She married the love of her life, Kevin,  and adopted a cat, Dahlia.

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